Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Remember those long lazy summers you spent on your Cruiser bike down by the beach. Maybe you were heading over for a bonfire at night or tooling around soaking up the salty morning seaside air. Either way, if your bike was worth it's weight, it had a basket on the front; holding your beach towel, a picnic lunch or if you were the spicy type some wine coolers. Well, you can go back to those leisurely days and nights and be just a little bit hipper and cooler with this bike bag from Alexandra Cassaniti. Grab your towel and some Corona Lights Summer is here again.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La Primavera

With the fantastic Frida Kahlo as the inspiration Misstropolis Editor and Founder Robin Hauck set off to raise money for Room to Grow. She pulled me in to style the show and get the hottest Frida inspired looks from some of the best boutiques our fair city has to offer.. The hair and makeup was done by the Shaun, the wizard over at G20 The jewelry and headpieces are courtesy of the incredible duo from PATCH NYC, not only are they insanely creative they are the absolute most fun to hang with. The show was sponsored by many including Rue La La and one of my favorite websites, Boldfacers.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

White Hot

I am having an illicit affair and it feels delicious. I've been sneaking around on my dark denim lately and spending all my time in pure as the driven snow white jeans. I don't know if it has something to do with the season; nothing feels quite as right as white in the summer, even if the sun hasn't shown it's face in weeks. Whatever the reason I haven't been able to kick my white jean habit I've got skinny, straight and multiple pairs of a beautiful bootcut. It seems like everything is working with them, my pale pink Vanessa Bruno top and my Hanes boy beaters. Day or night, from the City to the Cape, Heels to Havianas they just keep me coming back for more. I'd better stock up on the bleach because I have a feeling this crush may last a while.