Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Surfer Girl

I've been out hanging with my little sis in Cali. and besides the amazing weather, I've become enamored with the surfer girl style that defines Laguna Beach. It's a sexy tomboy look which works all year in SoCal but, if you want to incorporate it just for the summer, here are the must haves:
A great bikini. A fantastic denim skirt, you can fray the edges if you want to get really authentic. A rockin' hoodie by a surf company like BillABong or Roxy.
A hat either a straw fedora or a cool cowboy one. Sunglasses, I like the aviator style but you could also do some Oakleys. Some cool bracelets that can handle the sun and the surf and of course some cool hair product to give your locks that fresh out of the waves look. Throw on your flops and you've got that sexy surfer girl look even if you've never left the sandy shores. If you really play your cards right you might even be able to snag a hot surfer boy to go with your new look.

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