Thursday, July 2, 2009

Splish, Splash

It's time to swim. If you are living on the east coast like me, maybe you'll be sooner swimming in a puddle than in a pool, but nevertheless the time for purchasing a swimsuit is here. Now I know that trying on swimwear falls somewhere between a root canal and paying your taxes, but I am here to offer you some tips to get you through the experience. First, don't rule out a two piece before you've at least tried it on, sometimes they can be more flattering than their one piece sister. Two, concern yourself more with highlighting your best features rather than hiding your worst, it's better for the mind. Three, construction and fabric count, their isn't much of it but you don't want what is there to look cheap, and a well constructed suit will simply just fit better. Four, be careful of white or pale suits, unless you are sunning yourself at the Playboy mansion you might not want to come out of the water in something that has suddenly become see through. Lastly, bring a friend along who is brutally honest with you. The mirrors in the store dressing rooms can be deceptive and when you are wearing a swimsuit you need to know the real deal from all angles. Besides, that friend will come in handy later when you need to head out afterwards for a stiff drink to calm yourself down from the whole experience.

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