Monday, November 16, 2009

Big City of Dreams

If loving New York is wrong then I don't wanna be right. Having just returned from taking a bite of the "Big Apple" , these are my thoughts.
1. I love New York.

2. I love shopping in New York even more.

3. Why is it that we don't have a cool farmers market like the one they have in Union Square, and if we did would everyone go?

4. City Bakery hot chocolate really is off the hook.

5. Getting yourself lost in a neighborhood is the best way to get to know it, maybe the same thing is true for people.

6. I'd like to live in ABC carpet and home

7. I can never go to NYC without also going to Cafe Gitane and getting the Morracan CousCous.

8. I have love affairs with stores and my current amour is Albertine. I found some beautiful new pieces in both her clothing shop and also downstairs in her newly opened jewelry store, Love.

9. When I am in NYC without her it always makes me miss my sister.

10. Tiny stores remind me of jewelry boxes full of treasures waiting to be discovered.

11. The Guggenheim is an amazing place.

12. Refinery29 is hot and their SAVE FASHION EVENT rocked.

I ended up with a couple of great pieces like a Slub by Rick Owens jacket for 70 bucks!

Now you can see why I heart NYC.