Thursday, January 28, 2010


I just got back from a great exhibit Rare Bird of Fashion : The Irreverent Iris Apfel at The P.E. M. aka the Peabody Essex Museum. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend the trip out to Salem, MA. My favorite guys from Patch NYC told me it was not to be missed and as usual I am happy I followed their advice.
How inspiring it was to see the creative force with which she chose her clothes and her accessories, she created works of art using her body as the canvas. Wearing brooches and bracelets as earrings and piles and piles of ethnic necklaces and bracelets with costume trinkets; combining vintage and thrift store finds with Haute Couture from all of the best fashion houses in Paris. She mixed different decades together paying no mind to the "it" items of the season. It shows when you have confidence in your style and are not afraid of weather or not "people" will like what your wearing, when you dress for yourself ( see my previous blog), you can inspire others to be free and independent too.
I for one am excited and inspired to go out and find more fabulous pieces to make my own.

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