Saturday, January 23, 2010

What I'll Be Wearing

It all started with Vanessa Bruno's finery. I snapped up every piece I could get my hands on at my favorite boutique Dress, then started hunting down even more pieces from the collection online. After Vanessa came Isabel Marant, it was one of her classic belted shirt dresses that made me feel Oh So French and spurned my quest for more of her collection. I had seen the line years ago in Paris but had yet come across it in my neck of the woods. (Marant is strict with her stockists and doesn't allow them to sell online although, she has just signed off on selling her spring 2010 collection on famous online site Net a Porter ).
I finally found some fabulous things from the Fall 2009 collection at Alan Bilzarian in Newton and was lucky enough to grab a couple of her delicious pieces on sale. ( I am hoping that with her new Soho shop set to open in the spring and another favorite boutique of mine Looc awaiting shipment, her spring 2010 line won't be quite so hard to find.)
So, I decided with all these French love affairs I'm having I should be living in beautiful flat in Paris eating baguettes and brie, tooling through the streets on my bike with fresh flowers in my basket and wearing the pieces that epoitomize easy parisian chic.
Now a blast of reality, with two girls that need a bit more room than a flat has to offer and would hang me for making them leave their bffs behind , a dog who doesn't fit in a bicycle basket, and an ass that wouldn't fit into the clothes if I was eating bread and brie all day, the Paris dream seems a little less likely. It doesn't mean though that I can't still live out my French fashion fantasies right here in the burbs. Dress for who you are in what you love and it doesn't really matter where you are, within reason of course. If you're out milking the cows you may need to reconsider the dryclean only pieces. The idea though is not to let others dictate your style. Just because all the other Moms are wearing their Juicy Sweats and Uggs doesn't prevent me from throwing on something completely different that embodies my style, and when I catch them checking me out a.k.a staring at me like I'm a nut, at the PTC Spring Fling I take it as a compliment.

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