Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A San Francisco Treat

Just re-grouping after a whirlwind trip to San Francisco. My amazing friend Laura is determined to learn all she can about the things she loves and since we share the love of cooking she invited me to join her in a tart making course at the San Francisco Baking Institute. Truth be told we were gunning for the baguette class but it filled up too quick for us to snag a spot. So tarts it was. It was fantastic. What's lovely about tarts is that you get the chance to "style" your tart. Maybe it's with fresh flowers or edible gold leaf, maybe it's sea salt or swiss meringue. whatever you decide, at the end you end up with a piece of art that you can eat!

Of course there isn't a city I step foot in that I don't scout out at least one amazing boutique to recommend. So even though our intense tart making only left us with a mere hour to shop I found the fantastic boutique, Metier. I had actually discovered this shop through their well done blog about a month ago when I was searching for Isabel Marant pieces online. I knew if I ever made it to San Francisco it would be a must stop destination. Metier didn't disappoint. Great store, great merchandise and a really nice staff. I was able to slither my way into a pair of Vanessa Bruno black waxed jeans that were 70% off and also picked up a $22.00 Clu tank in the best shade of grey. I fawned over the estate jewelry and fell in love with a "way too much for me to spend" bag also by my frenchie fav. V.B

I'm sure that San Fran. has many more great stores that I didn't get the time to discover so I'll have to find a reason to get back there sooner than later. Maybe the baguette class will have an opening soon!

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