Thursday, March 24, 2011


Now that spring has finally sprung it's time to start thinking about what you'll be your best friends shower, your boyfriends graduation, your granddaughters communion, your sisters wedding and all the other amazing events you plan on attending this spring. We can help. Check out these new packages and events.

The Bridal Blowout - Let us help pull together a complete wardrobe for your wedding and honeymoon

The Just Hatched - For the perfect graduation dress, interview suit or simply a new wardrobe to compliment that new job. 

The Bachelorette Stop n' Shop - The guys may favor golfing and strip clubs but we ladies know nothing beats a good ole' fashion shopathon.  You can shop at more than one store, think of it as a better version of the pub crawl or park it  at your favorite and do all your shopping there. 

The Weekend Warrior- You've got fully booked weekends straight through June. Let us help. Send us your calendar and we'll go through your wardrobe,  pull together the looks and help you find the pieces you need to pull it all together.

For more information call or email us @ 617 763 9045 or

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